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Fair value accounting continues to be a topic of significant interest, with the focus shifting to how management and auditors support valuations.

Financial Reporting and Compliance

Mergers & Acquisitions

YMS Value assist companies, private equities and venture capital firms with their financial reporting valuations under evolving financial reporting requirements (under U.S. GAAP and IFRS) and increasing audit and regulatory scrutiny.

We provide objective, supportable conclusions of value that comply with the financial reporting standards and withstand audit.

Tax Reporting and Planning

Whether buying or selling a business, it is extremely important to know a company’s true value. M&A situations are often complex since issues such as synergy and control should be considered.  We also assist our clients to navigate the entire process. Our team has successfully assisted both buy-side and sell-side transactions, and helped clients through the different phases of the process. Our services include market research, target company research and analysis, assistance with deal structuring, Fairness & solvency opinions and financial and commercial due diligence.

Profit Enhancement

Proof of valuation is a growing requirement for substantiation of taxable transactions. YMS Value provides independent, third-party valuation service, supported by best practices to assist in meeting various compliance requirements while maximizing value.

We value intangible assets, intellectual property, equity interests and financial instruments for tax planning purposes, such as Section 409A (stock based compensation), charitable contributions, estate and gift tax, determining discounts, and C to S corporation conversion.

Finance leaders and finance teams have growing responsibilities and tasked with ensuring the financial soundness of their organizations. YMS Value assists clients with various financial aspects of running and improving a business. We provide expert, independent and unbiased service to our clients regarding working capital efficiencies, product pricing, budgeting and transfer pricing.

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